I help people and organizations
seeking positive connections
to build solid relationships
that empower their life or business

Enhance Your Personal Life To Build A Legacy

Brenda Alton - Diversify
Develop Skills
that help you identify the relationships you need to enhance your personal life or business.
Embrace Diversity
of experiences, cultures, genders, and age to breed innovation which ultimately breeds success.
Expand Knowledge
of processes, systems and structures to accomplish a more successful organization

The Relationship Development Expert that everyone is talking about.

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To The People That Want To Build Solid Relationships But Just Can’t Get Started

Dr. Brenda Alton is a recognized keynote speaker on relationships. She is a consultant, trainer, speaker, and author who can help you with your corporate culture, with an upcoming event, or with your own personal quest for improvement.

Motivational Speaking

Are you growing your customer base? Are you maintaining your relationships with your clients? How would you like to have all of your customers partner with you to create the business you have always dreamed about?


  • Uncover ‘common ground’ to build rapport
  • Discover the ‘personal common ground’, creating camaraderie
  • Create a powerful relationship
  • Bring your customer into partnership with you

Diversity Training

Her programs are geared toward helping audience members learn how to leverage talent, manage effectively and grow their business results.


  • Helps leaders see themselves and those they work with as cultural beings
  • Helps them to identify areas where culture may be affecting team effectiveness
  • Gives them tools to build the type of culture and environment that will bring out the best in the people they are leading and serving.

Organizational Management

Brenda provides innovative keynotes with practical tools to increase effectiveness, improve productivity, strengthen relationships, and create a positive workplace culture.


  • Learn how to make your mark, and become a leader your employees will respect and your peers will emulate.
  • Discover how to build a rapport that gets people to take action.
  • Discover the secrets to getting through the make or break moments when tough decisions have to be made.

What People Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

As a keynote speaker, I get many questions from organizers of events and conferences.
What is your speaking fee?

Brenda does not publish her fee so that she can work directly with you to best meet your needs. Unless negotiated differently, speaking fees are all-inclusive (travel, meals, etc.).

Can Brenda tailor her message for our group?

YES! Brenda will work with you to create a customized message to meet any specific needs and demographic requirements of your audience.

How can I book Brenda for an event?

Please email, fax, or call her office at 717-461-3118 to find out if Brenda is available to speak at your event.

Where can I view a list of your upcoming speaking engagements?

Click here to find out about upcoming events featuring Dr. Brenda Alton.  Click the event name to view more details like registering for an event.

About Dr. Alton

I’ve spent the last 15 years learning everything there is to know about relationships through leadership, cultural competency, legacy-building and spirituality. 


I am currently applying this knowledge in my role as System Manager, UPMC Pinnacle Spiritual Care Services, through research as a PhD candidate in Administration and Leadership Studies for Nonprofit and Public Sectors at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Having these venues to display my unique relationship-building skills affords me the opportunity to provide tailored events for diverse audiences.


Whether houses of faith, boardrooms, the healthcare system or the community, my unique and authentic approach creates a positive relationship culture.  I have worked with several respected organizations, including but not limited to, Kingdom Embassy, Gift of Life, Harrisburg Area Community College, and the Legacy Summit.  


I walk in the hope of Jeremiah 29:11, I love God and God’s people, and believe leaving a legacy is more important than becoming a legend. 

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